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    Output Settings



      I'm in England, Europe and I've just made a short movie of a 40/50 seconds using PR & AE (CS5) that I want to put on a website. I'm pretty new to this and so far I've only ever made simple animations in Flash and published in SWF to go on sites. I thought I could export this movie from Pr to SWF but I see only FLV & F4V (what's the difference?) are options and I'm not sure what's the best format to use. The preset's coming up saying F4V match source attributes, but I see there's a whole bunch of FLV/ F4V web presets too, such as FLV 512x288.


      I'm getting a bit confused as most of the sites I've researched talk in gobbledygook. In this respect, I'm worried about how to upload a resulting FLV file. With SWF, I just linked to the web page in dreamweaver, uploaded it and it plays when anyone opens the webpage. But isn't it different with FLV files? Don't I need to create a Flash player to play FLV movies on my site? If so, anyone any ideas on how I go about that? I cannot seem to get a straight answer from my surfing.


      I'm sorry this may seem rather basic but I'm working well with the creative bit of these programmes; it's the techie side that leave me a bit cold and dazed...


      Apologies if this is more a Flash forum question.




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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          I embedded the free JWplayer on my website so that I could stream my FLV showreel.  I am not a Flash person, so to speak, but it does work.


          I forget the nuances, but if you look at my site and click on the View> Source on the Explorer menuebar, the HTML code will give you an idea of how I went around embedding the JWPlayer.


          Next time I update my showreel, I will probably revert back to wmv or an H.264 codec such as QT, as that seems to be the way things are going - especially because of the Apple/Adobe fallout over iPhone compatibility.



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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            most of the sites I've researched talk in gobbledygook.


            If you define the words you do not fully understand, your self-education will proceed much more smoothly.


            it's the techie side that leave me a bit cold and dazed...


            For better or for worse, in this day and age one really needs to be proficient at both.  Get those words defined.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Here's a page with some very simple definitions of SWF and FLV|F4V:

              "Rendering and exporting for Flash Player and Flash Professional"


              The gist is that SWF is not a video format. FLV and F4V are. FLV and F4V differ in terms of what codecs they use. They all play in Flash Player.