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    2 Things:  Fade In/ Out Feature & Tracking


      I think the program is awesome but have not been able to figure out how to fade out from one set level to another.  It seems that the fade out function only fades to 0dB and sometimes I want to be able to fade something from say: -6dB to -3dB over the course of 1-2 seconds for instance.  Anyone know if this feature is included somewhere in the program?  Cool Edit Pro has it in the amplify screen where I can set the initial amplitude and then the final amplitude so I was hoping it would be in this program too. 


      I have been a PC user of Cool Edit Pro and Audition for years but am wanting to switch everything over to the Mac format.  Waiting for Audition to come to Mac has been the only thing holding me back from using my Mac full time.


      One other program I have been searching for for the Mac is an easy tracking program that tracks on sector boundaries like CD Wave Editor does for the PC.  It would be great if Audition could incorporate that into the program too so it is all in one program and most of all EASY to just click where you want your track mark and export the files.

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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          For your fade on your waveform you need to go to Effects/Amplitude and Compression/Volume Envelope. You can then draw your fade onto the waveform using the on clip envelope line that appears.


          F8 or M keys will place a marker on your file at the cursor position or mark a range when you have selected a portion of the waveform. The Markers List can be found under the Windows menu or opened using Alt 8 keyboard shortcut. You can manipulate your Markers there, merge Markers into Ranges and save out portion of the audio. At the moment there only seems to be one type of marker in the Mac beta but older PC versions of Audition allowed for several different types of marker including Track markers for CD. Hopefully this may re-appear eventually in the new version.

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            rninca Level 1

            Thanks for your response but I do not want to use the envelope feature.


            I want to be able to enter an initial amplification and fade it to a final amplification as described in my OP.  Fo instance, -6dB to -3dB over the lenth of say 1-2 seconds.  You could do it on Audition and Cool Edit Pro versions without using envelopes and it was a very handy tool for some of the mastering I do.  I like the fact that I can just highlight a segment of audio and type in the initial and ending values WITHOUT having to drag and mess around with the envelopes (which I have never gotten used to).


            Hoping that this will be an option on the new software too.  Using envelopes is sometime s a pain and I like to keep things as simple as possible. 


            Is there an easy way to do that using envelopes?