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    Ordering still slides in a DVD movie


      I'm sorry if this is a repeat but I can't find what I posted yesterday in "Your stuff".


      I have been using PRE 4 for a few years now and am still waiting for a reason to upgrade.  I'm trying PRE 9 (thinking about buying PSE 9 and PRE 9 while it is on sale even though I have PSE 8 and don't really need 9).


      I have a few hundred .jpg pictures (and some video clips).  These have a number as the start of their file name which is the order I want them in the final movie.


      In PRE  4 I can "get media' them all and in my project I can sort by file name, drag and drop all of them together, insert as individual stills and get what I want.   In PRE 9 it actually looks like I can't do that.  I can't see any way to organize my stills other than my dragging them around one at a time.


      This is a total show stopper so I'm looking at other DVD making software instead.


      Thanks for any help.