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    clear these doubts pl

    tech writer - biq

      Let me be clear. I am on an internal assessment by my officials. I was given the questions with the options also.

      The questions as follows:

      Which of the following is a file extension for HTML Help Table of Contents?
      a. hpj
      b. hpk
      c. hkc
      d. hkk

      Which software allows you to add an attachment to a document?
      a. Adobe Acrobat
      b. Microsoft Word
      c. Adobe RoboHelp
      d. Adobe FrameMaker

      Which of the following formats can be used as both static and animated images? Select two.
      a. gif
      b. swf
      c. jpg
      d. png

      Can anyone pl help me out at the earliest.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          It would be great if you stopped adding the same post into two or more forums. It is against the forums rules and creates a lot of hassle for other others. Not least that it makes it more difficult for them to find the answer to the same questions in future.

          There was a similar question a few days ago which I though had been answered. If it hasn't it would be helpful if you could tell us what version and flavour of RH you are using. (e.g. RH For Word using RHX5) as the answer to some of your questions will depend on this information.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi Colum

            It would seem these questions are rather generic in nature and quite possibly intended to see if tech writer - biq actually knows what they are talking about with respect to what they are expected to know to do their job. As a result, I'm rather surprised that these questions would be put forth on a public forum seeking assistance to answer them. But maybe that's just me.

            Also agree with you on the cross posting bit.

            Cheers... Rick