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    How to add attachments in the workspace?

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      I have designed a process in which user will will initiate a task from the workspace.He will attach a file widin the workspace and next level user will view.this is working fine as i have created one process variable to stor the task attachments.My problem is that the second level user ie the assign task user is unable to add the attachment when the form comes to c his to do list.He is able to view the attachments added by the initial user.when the assign task user tries to add attachments the attachemnt list count is getting added but the attachments r not added.Can anyone tell me the solution?

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              You can add attachments to work item from workspace using  attachments.

               If attachments tab is not visible in workspace you can modify your workflow to show attachments tab.

               Follow these steps to enable attachments tab,


                1) Open your workflow definition and edit the properties for Assign Task step.

                2) Select Attachments and Notes section and check Show Attachment Window

                3) Map Output attachments field  to a  varible of type List ( sub type  documents ) to make added attachments from workspace available to workflow.