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    overset text problem

    yard camel Level 1

      Got a short chapter that began life in Word and was placed into ID.  It contains a 2-col table, one of those cols is full of Greek I'd prefer not to retype.


      On page 3 of the doc (the middle), text persistently shows as overset (that red plus sign).  If I click the box to un-overset it, I get a copy of the whole article (six pages or so).


      Cannot get the overset text (i.e., the duplicate copy of the whole chapter) to go away.


      a) tried adding new blank pages at the end, parking the 'overset' text i.e. the duplicate of the chapter there.  And it 'places' fine.  But when I then delete those unneeded dupe pages from the project, the box again shows it's overset.


      b) tried using the "clear" command on the Edit tab.  Similarly, the overset box goes away, but then when I try to make a PDF out of the doc, I get a warning on output that there is overset text on that page, and, when I check the little box, it's again showing overset text.



      This just seems bizarre:  more like a corrupted doc than anything ID is supposed to do.  Thoughts?  Other times I've had overset text elsewhere in the doc, the text has behaved itself.


      Thanks in advance


      CS3, ID 5.0.4

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          What shows in the story editor? Is it just the text you expect, or does it also include the overset portion? When you clear the overset text, are you clearing the text frame, or the text itself (selected with the text content tool)? If you just clear the frame, the text stays in the story.


          Have you tried exporting as INX and opening that back in CS3?

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            yard camel Level 1

            Several brand-new concepts to me in your post.


            Re story editor, parked my cursor on the offending page, clicked View / Story Editor, everything is grayed out.  Not so sure what the SE is for, must confess.


            "Text content tool" -- I don't see anything named that in my normal panel using float-over tool tips.  Do you mean the Type tool?


            Not sure what exactly I'm clearing:  I've used the Clear command elsewhere w/ good effect, in that overset stuff vanished.  Am guessing I'm clearing frame, not text, given it keeps reappearing.


            Have seen idea of export to INX in other threads; it looked complex so I did not pursue.


            Sorry, you've got a newbie here.

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              yard camel Level 1

              Aha, got the Story Editor open, found/deleted overset text.  Now have gaping holes in the doc - am checking to see what vanished into the holes.(Good thing this is a backup copy!)

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Deleting frames without first deleting the text inside them just puts it back into overset. Story editor is like a word processor in many ways. It will show you the whole story in a scrollable window (and list the styles in use down the left side). Overset text will be inidcated with a red dividing line. If you are sure that there's noting in the overset that you need, put the cursor after the last character you want do keep, then press Cmd (Ctrl) + Shift + End on the keyboard to select everything from taht point to the end of the story, and delete it, or if you want to be cautious, cut it to the clipbaord and paste into a new frame that is NOT threaded to the original for examination.

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                  as2012 Level 1

                  Keep in mind that hidden Word text could be coming in - you might be seeing deleted copy, tracked changes etc.


                  If that's the issue, try saving from Word to an older Word format perhaps.