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    In Serial Element mediaPlayer.bytesLoaded for second video includes first video bytes

    Amit Kumar Adobe Employee



      I am using SerialElement for displaying ads and then main video so in my player I set my loading of the progress bar using mediaPlayer.bytesLoaded but the problem is that the loaded bar for the second video includes the loaded bytes from the first video also so my loaded bar gets set slightly larger and when I try to seek then actually there are no bytes at the end of loading bar and seek is not possible for the end portion, it gives a very bad user experience. I tried to confirm this behaviour by taking a 20 min video as first video and then main video so when second video started buffering I traced the mediaPlayer.bytesLoaded and I got value around 760sec, and I dont think my bandwidth is so good that it will load 760 sec video in few seconds.

      Is this behaviour expected? If this is the case then how can I clear the bytes loaded for the second video?