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    Problem: Judder when doing scrolling to the side



      first: sorry for my bad English.. i try to find the right words via google translate


      Now and then I make a little video;

      until know with Premiere 6.0  on a 2,4Ghz  Pentium4  (Single core)


      my father bought a new Quadcore-PC with 4GB ram and Premiere CS5 with runs on 64bit win7

      wohu.. what a improvement in handling compared to Premiere 6.0   (for example no need to render the transitions to see them in the preview)


      so.. very very nice
      (and it seems also to run much more stable)



      here my first try of making a video and the problem I have:



      (video was shot in Vienna - yes, we have here a national park with 2300 hectare size in our city)


      The Videoparts in the video are 640x480 with 25pics... so its what the small compact camera provides as output..


      you won´t get it better


      but the problem are the still-images:

      i made some quick panoramas: these are big pictures with maybe 20megapixel and more


      and then i let the display-window scroll around on that big image

      (it was my first try... for sure i have to learn about scroll-speed to make look it more smooth and so on)
      however, compared to my old videos with Premiere 6.0 it looks great, and its my first 720p Video i have made   (it would be unthinkable with my old pc, when thinking at the rendering time)


      the problem: it judders

      i would understand it, when i force a videoformat into another videoformat (for example other framerate), that it shudders

      but here ?

      Premiere has ONE picture as source and can make everything by itself... (so not existing video to work with, make the video by itself)




      it can´t be that the pc is not powerful enough...
      the pc manages to show 1080 - Videos from other sources with no problem




      it is also not the flashplayers fault from vimeo.com because the original avi-video on my harddisk shows that juddering too


      is there somewhere a option or function in adobe premiere to produce a scrollspeed that does not judder ?


      thx for any help !


      i have already tried to render as 50frames/sec and 60frames/sec videos...
      does not help, makes it even worse