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    Cannot Select an Asset in the Program Window


      I have two problems.


      1. In order to select an object below the top layer in the Program window of Pr I have to drag the top layer away to reach the layer in quesiton. THis can be a pain when you have four layers and have to rearrange the postion of the layers after working on the intended layer. Isn't there a way (like i was able to do in Priemere Elements 8) to click on the window and get a menu of layers to select between?


      2. Now I have a bug happening on this very issue. I am trying to get to one of those lower levels and i cannot select the top layer at all. The mouse functions normally in all other windows but I am getting no response when i click in the Program window.


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I am unclear, when you refer to "layers." Do you mean Assets/Clips on various Video Tracks?


          As for what one sees in the Program Monitor, it will be the Clip on the upper-most Video Track, unless one Scales/Positons it to "peek around it," or the "punch a hole in it," as they could with Track Matte Keying.


          I am not quite sure what you are describing here. Can you post a screen-cap of your PrPro Timeline, and point out what you want to do?


          Good luck,



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            RussellSipe2 Level 1



            Video layer 3 contains text with an alpha layer.

            Video layer 2 contains an animated graphic in an AVI  to highlight the text

            Video layer 1 is a solid image


            The regular issue is that when i want to click on layer 2 I  have to move layer three out of the way (the whole image is larger than the display screen. Thus i have to move layer three (the text) off to the side to get to layer 2. then reposition layer 3. this seems very cludgy. I cannot find how to do the selection as Iu use to do in Pr Elements 8. In Pr E 8 i clicked on the program window and a window opened with all the layers listed and i could click on one to edit it.


            The perculiar problem I am having at the moment is that i cannot click on layer 3 at all. I have zoomed out in hopes of finding the overall edges of the layer so i might click on it and move it, to no avail. I have rebooted Pr several times.  Help.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Click on layer 2 in the timeline to select.

              Go to the Effects Controle and click on the word Motion.

              Motion is now highlighted

              The bounding box of your layer 2 is visible in the Program Monitor ready to be manipulated.