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    The preferred format of a data file for reading convenience

    FrancisFukuyama Level 1

      what is the preferred mode of data in a file ?


      The data to the file is written by an application in which I am adept and I can write the data in any format.


      For example


      field1 field2 field3 field4
      012 1234 3456 66666
      676 7676 7676 88888




      I am NOT adept in javascript.


      I want to read the file line by line and echo the results of each line like this on the console.


      field1 is 012, field2 is 1234, field3 is 3456, field4 = 66666




      Assume, I can attach the file, open it, convert the stream to string and so on.


      What is the most convenient way to structure the file ... as above or as an XML tagged fields ?


      What should the xml for each line look like ?


      As you can see that I must enter the fields of each line one by one into some variables and then print them on console.



      Francis Fukuyama