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    export fireworks image to wordpress site


      please can anyone help? i have only just started to use firefox and have created the image i need for my site. it is a box with a text  roll over effect that links to  the home page. i now need to upload this to my wordpress website and i have no idea how to. i have tried to export and end up with either an images file and a .html file or a css and images file, which i have no idea what to do with. i am running fireworks cs4, using wordpress 3.0.3 with thesis 1.8 theme. i also have dreamweaver (no idea how to use it) and photoshop in which i am quite experienced in using.

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          pixlor Level 4

          Fireworks does not have a file uploading capability. You need an FTP program or you can "define a site" in Dreamweaver and use Dreamweaver's site management tools.


          To incorporate your rollover into your Wordpress files, you will need to edit your Wordpress template to include some of the HTML you have exported from Fireworks. Specifically, you'll need to get the Javascript that does the image swapping and the table or divs that contain the images that are swapped. (An image rollover is not a single image that can be placed in a Web page. An image rollover consists of  separate images to be shown, the HTML that contains the image, and the Javascript code that swaps them out and back in.)


          You will need to know which file(s) in your template to modify, where to put the new code, and then upload the changed file(s) to your site as well.