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    Simply doesn't work, lists books "number.epub", but no errors


      After reading the various issues, I had to delete the adobe.digital.editions. folder on the Nook, delete the Digital Editions folder under My Computer, and I reinstalled ADE.  After the third time, it finally authorized my Nook.  It recognizes all 12 books partially by listing a 13 digit number, followed by .epub.  It does not list any Title, Author, etc. except for the two books that came with the Nook, Dracula and a sample book.  All the ones I have purchased through B&N only have that number.epub format.

        I try to open the document, I get no errors at all, but nothing happens.  I try to double click, nothing happens.

      If I go to List View, under the Status column, there are no errors, nothing, it's clear.


      I don't know whats wrong, but ADE simply doesn't work, even though I have no errors.


      Can someone help?