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    Playing AE in real-time?

    curtdbz Level 1

      One thing I hate is that AE is not like premiere, where it plays real-time and shows you seconds in the Sequence timeline.  Instead AE shows you frames in the timeline, and plays non-real time.


      This makes it really difficult for me for things where timing is important, and I need to be able to see seconds and be able to play it in real time.  Now I know some things are so tough it can't possibly render in real time but is there a way I can set it to either skip the frames it can't do or play them in a lower resolution?  If I have to pre-render for this to work, then that's fine to... How can I achieve that?


      I'm sure the frames to seconds in units on the timeline is an easy thing to change I just cna't see how.  So sorry for the really elementary question!  Thanks for reading!