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    Can anyone tell me how this photo was done


      Hi all,  I am really hoping that someone here will be able to help me find out what methods were used in photoshop to achieve this transformation between the original image of the figurine on the left and the image on the right.  I have trawled the net and tutorials to find help but have not come up with anything.  The main thing I want to do is to colour the image the same way as the one on the right. I am ok with placing the image in the background, etc but how do you think the multi-coloured effect on the girl was done?  I have tried paint daub, accented edges, filters, vibrance, levels and saturation etc. just about everything I know but the green in the hair and the pink effects around the edges, the multi-coloured effect on the mushroom that she's sitting on and the gloss and highlights on the face has me confused. Its the actual figure and the colour treatments that have been applied to it that I want to know about. I am guessing that the background is a blur filter with gradient, if this is wrong please let me know.

      I am using CS5 and would be absolutely grateful if anyone here can help me - even just a little bit

      And I'm not worried about the alignment of the figure, ie facing front in the first image and sideways on the next one - only interested in how the colour effects were done.

      Thanks ever so much if anyone can help.


      alice 01.jpgAlice 02.jpg