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    Agonies of FULL SCREEN YouTube videos - THIS IS NOT NORMAL !

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      I am in a real mess, as I am totally unable to get FULL SCREEN to work - having tried every possible permutation that I could think of.


      Here is a simple example (with view source) of where the full screen seems to work properly in Google Chrome but where the video disappears in IE and in Firefox, while the YT watermark remains visible.


      In order to duplicate the error, please try it in at least a couple of different browsers and make sure to click the "Next Video" button at least a couple of times.


      This html wrapper is what Flash Builder produced.



      This html wrapper is copied from somebody else. However, his uses it for a flash/fla full screen implementation that seems to work on all browsers.



      Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


      Thanks again,