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    Error #2046 again. I searched other answers, but not help


      I generated a simple swf file, and embedded it in a HTML page which is transfered from a Apache/PHP constructed server. The browser I used is firefox 3.6.6. The swf file is compiled from command line, using command mxmlc without any parameters, because there are only two files,  .mxml and .as file. The version of SDK is flex-sdk-4.1. The OS is Ubuntu 10.04. The version of my flash player plugin is 10,1,53,64.


      The problem is:

      The HTML page embedding the swf file will perform normally several times, then the "Error #2046" will show. I have no idea about that. But I found that it will work again if I reboot the system.

      I have read page http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager03.htm l. But the menu of my flash player plugin is like the following image.



      Another problem, I found that it's hard to change a tab in the setting panel, I mean that there is no response.