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    Export to tape issue

    h2ofun Level 1

      So, this is my first time trying to export back to tape from PPro and I have issues.


      My project is HDV 1440X1080.  When I do the export to tape, it says rendering to HDV, which seems weird since I thought why would it need to render if the asset is also the correct format?


      But, the issue is when I try to read this tape portion back in with hdvsplit.  For all the normal stuff I recorded to tape, it works great.  I see the timecode, and I get one file per recording time I did with the camera.


      But, for the part of the tape I exported, with HDVsplit, it reads in the section as just fixed file sizes of 1,596kb time and time again. When I look at the files, they all say zero time.


      Now, if I use Ppro to capture this portion of tape, it reads the file in fine.


      Since I have a need to read this entire tape with HDVsplit, it is critical for me to figure out how to record back to tape correctly so I can read it back correctly with HDVsplit.


      Is there a reason there is no timecode put onto the tape when one exports?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Rendering to HDV is necessary, because all GOP's need to be recalculated, just an inherent disadvantage of GOP formats.


          When outputting to tape, the camera records one single clip, because that is what you export. And the timecode is there, check in your camera. However scene detect does not work on a single clip, because there is only one scene available.

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            h2ofun Level 1

            Interesting.  So how do I export a sequence where it looks like a

            single grouping of clips like it does when I record to tape from my camera.  The reason this is critical is I read my

            entire full size tapes with HDVsplit, then made these into one large project.  To have a piece of the tape not be able to be read

            correctly with HDVsplit totally messes up my process.  Now, I have exported to tape in the past and not had this issue.

            But, I might have used cineforms product rather than adobes.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              When you record back to tape it has always been one file even with dv.

              Scene detection only works with a tape that has scene breaks in the the Time/Date stamp which has been induced by stopping and starting the camera while recording.

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                h2ofun Level 1

                So, there is no way to make this work with current s/w.  As I said, I have made this work in the past,

                but it must have been when cineform worked with tape output, which they no longer do.


                I tried to dump to a tape, then copy the tape to another, but no luck.


                For me this is a big deal, so anything else I can try to kludge this?