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    Export Problems

    glaustin Level 1

      Hi Guys

      I thought I was getting on well learning and working with Pr but a small job I've been working on, which should have taken a couple of hours work yesterday morning, has turned into a whole weekend.


      I'm now getting paranoid. I've been exporting my 45 secs 16:9 movie (165mb) at various stages to WindowsMediaPlayer and Quicktime since yesterday to test due to the jerky playback problems in Pr (another of my threads in the last day or so). They have all played back well. Today I decided to put a copy on YouTube. I first uploaded the finished movie, originally exported using the Microsoft AVI preset. That plays fine in the WindowsMediaPlayer on the Desktop but on upload to YouTube it resizes itself into 4:3(!?) So I decided to export to Quicktime, DV widescreen (DV25). When I click on the file in the folder to test the output, it opens the Quicktime player but only plays the music with no images. If I open the file from the Quicktime player it resizes it to 4:3! I then exported without the widescreen setting and that played 16:9 (but on a 4:3 screen), but the titles were a bit fuzzy. Next I tried exporting using the Quicktime animation preset. Fine, that exported and kept its 16:9 aspect and integrity of titling was much better...the only trouble is it's over 1gb in size.


      This is turning into one of those nightmare projects. Every time I solve one weird problem another immediately takes it place. Any hints or ideas where I'm going wrong on this export that makes the Quicktime DV widescreen version play out at 4:3 and the non-widescreen setting play at 16:9??? And why do I just get music depending on which way I open the file??? And lastly any ideas why the animation pre-set is creating such a large file (I've never had that previously)???




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          Huntrex Level 2



          Here is what I do for YouTube export:


          1. Use the FLV (SD) or F4V (HD) flash format. There are many more formats that can be used for this, these are just the ones I usually use.

          2. Deinterlace the content if it is interlaced; check MRQ.

          3. Convert the footage to square pixels. Computer screens have square pixels and unless the programmer for the software being used compensates for non-square pixels, they may appear as square and thus the picture may appear stretched or squeezed. Flash Presets should automatically take care of this for you.


          As for the QuickTime issues, I have no idea. I never use it. It seems to be nothing but problems.


          The animation codec is high quality, and results in very large files.


          Hope that helps.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Use the YouTube presets within Premiere, they work perfectly.

            You will find them under H.264 in the Export Settings.

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              glaustin Level 1

              Thanks for the answers. I'll give both suggestions a go (I didn't realise Pr contained YouTube presets as I thought someone said they'd been removed from CS5),