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    How to add Metadata (aif) ?




      I used the metadata / ID3 data holders to add metadata to an AIF format track. When adding the track in the iTune library the metadata is not present. What's wrong ? The "include markers and other metadate" check box in the "Save As" window has been selected when saving the file.

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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          ID3 metadata was first intended for MP3 files.   People have since invented ways to embed that data in WAV, AIFF, and other files.  iTunes has its own way of embedding metadata, and we don't support that yet.


          You may wish to try saving as WAV and importing into iTunes and you might have better luck since we store much of what _would be_ in the ID3 tag in the native RIFF metadata chunks that are in WAV files.


          Let me know how it works.