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    Re: Audio Issues? Some Troubleshooting Tips


      Hey Hunt,


      i used to use Final Cut Pro but because I hate mac I am using Premiere while i do my documentary. I have imported my clip (.mpg from a sony handycam sx-40 series model) but there is no audio track when i drop it into the timeline.


      I am using CS3 and as my computer is very new i know for sure that the problem is in the program or file not the hardware.


      much obliged,



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Did you check all of the Audio and Audio Hardware (especially the ASIO) settings in PrPro?


          Did you update your Realtek, or similar, audio driver?


          Did you do a test with the ASIO4All ASIO driver?


          It might be best to post to the PrPro CS4 & Before forum, as others will likely see the post, and can offer more input for you. No one, but me, will likely see the post here.


          Good luck,