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    .RAF of Finepix s200EXR?


      Is there any chance that I will work in CR with my .RAF pictures from my Finepix s200EXR? If yes, appr. when?


      thank you in advance!

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          The next release of ACR is scheduled for sometime in March, if the historical pattern holds.


          It's not inconceivable that a camera which has already hit the store shelves today will be supported in the next ACR release, but there are no guarantees.

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            4kezlab Level 1

            thank you for your quick and helpful answer. does any anyone know the correct answer?

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              JimHess-OxQsWQ Level 2

              What do you mean by asking if anyone knows the correct answer?  You have been given the right answer.  All but a handful of contributors to this forum are users just like yourself, who have no connection whatsoever with Adobe (other than the fact that they use Adobe software).  And those few people who might know the answer are not likely going to give you much more information than you have already been given.  Sometimes, when it's getting close to the release of another version, they will give few hints about support for new cameras.  But you are simply going to have to wait just like everyone else.

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                4kezlab Level 1

                hi jimhess, the right answer is the date and hope that someone from the adobe crew can give me the right answer or say "no, fuji finepix s200exr will not be included".

                in that case i would consider to sell my camera:(

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                  I also have the same problem as the TS. Please include the S200EXR in a future release Adobe! There are some much less professional camera's that ARE supported..!