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    session problems on Windows


      Hi There,


      I'm using zend framework for doing the app which I developed on Mac but had to switch back to Windows 7. I tried to move the application as far as I can, but I'm not able to solve one big problem. This situation is as follow:

      -> I login with normal php / html site and placing a Zend Auth object into session (Normal Zend Framework mechanism)

      -> After detection of what kind of user logged in I redirect the site to given html site which contains the flash file for the user kind ( all within the same domain )

      -> I check on every RemoteObject request the user credentials existence in the session, if not present or timed out I send back an Event to get the flex application to log out

      -> In normal case ( on the mac and production site ) it works great, but in Windows 7 I always get logged out directly after login and loading the flash site.

      After further debugging I found that the requested site get's a new session id in flex's RemoteObject and after logging out the same session id is used than on login. On the Production Site it's still working great even on Windows.


      How is this possible? Is there a way that Flash in Windows uses the same session accross the same domain? Where else should I look? Nothing has changed in php code nor server settings, except 1 thing mainly I use now virtualhost on windows rather than a simple localhost/project url.


      r. Sandor

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          jfb00 Level 3


          I have that issue before and it was firefox. Take a look here:





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            carstephun Level 1

            Thanks jbf00 for your info, I'm doing this almost 4 days and no solution in sight. The only thing that I come a bit further is that the first check on the login credentials goes well (authorization check) but the next RemoteObject request get's a new session. The current situation is:

            -> login via PHP / Zend Framework

            -> redirect to an html site with Flex content

                 -> request Authorization confirmation via RemoteObject goes well ( with authorization test )

                 -> request Data via RemoteObject fails on authorization test


            according to the Network Monitor I can see that the last request gets a new session_id and I don't do any session_regeneration

            I did installed a new debian server to test the issue on Linux based system as well, but had no effect so, even the last working example has been recompiled with Windows FB4 instead of the Mac one.


            the only things I can think of is that the Windows version of the FalshBuilder 4 (trial) doesn't work well somehow


            If anybody has some other suggestions I will cover that as well.


            r. Sandor


            PS: As I mentioned I did the followings:

            -> instead of using the localhost entry I do use now a VirtualHost now ( .htaccess change for the MessageBroker controller :: ZendAMF



            I was completely wrong, I had a minor bug in the Authorization confirmation method, but the problem still remains so after login and redirection the first request has a wrong session_id

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              carstephun Level 1

              Hi Johnny,


              I got back my setting to default and played around all the web server, php, flex settings. Finally at some point I got a 500 status error ( no error.log entry ) which lead me to look for my .htaccess file. I assume this 500 error happened earlier as well just didn't realized it. Trying to reach the MessageBroker service ( which get you back a default application/amf response ) kinda' ping if the AMF service is still functional. So changed my .htaccess site to whatever I thought, the original documentation was misleading so it took me more time than ever. Finally I got it and I was extremely happy with that.


              so my honest thanks on you taking care of my problem and I wish you Mary Christmas


              r. Sandor

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                jfb00 Level 3

                I am glad that you figure this out.

                Happy hoidays!