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    Context-sensitive help at the field level

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      Hello All,

      Using RoboHelp X5 we are developing a WebHelp project and would like implement context-sensitive help at the field level. (User should be able to view a description of the field)

      On the application pages, we have a quetion mark icon, when clicked the corresponding help fie topic displays using:

      <a href="javascript:RH_ShowHelp(0,'Test.htm',HH_HELP_CONTEXT, MAPPEDIDNUMBER)">

      We have also added bookmarks to those paragraphs describing the fields.

      Here is the problem: What needs to be done to display the information on the particular field. Under our current structure only the topic woud display, I would like the bookmark to display. In other words, how would the developer code the field to display the corresponding information?

      Your help is appreciated,
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          Hi CRO,

          First: WebHelp does not support field level context help as known of chm.

          Second: in RoboHelp, asssign Map IDs with bookmarks instead of topics. In this case you should be able to jump to a desired bookmark within a topic.
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            Hello Jörg,

            I am little confused by your response, particuarly point #1. Other developers within our organization coded a keystroke Ctrl+H to display the field level context-sensitive help. That particular help file is Web-Help.

            Point #2 Our bookmarks have mapped Id's.

            Assuming the applcation screen has three fields, and the user would like to see the information on field number two how do I code the fields with a particular key stroke to view the information? For example. user presses F12 to display the bookmark.