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    Video and Flash

    upstart1762 Level 1

      I have a flash file with a video clip in it. I've previewed the file, and I've published it and previewed it in Flash player on my desktop and the video looks great. When I uploaded it however, the swf file plays MINUS the video. No empty box, no error messages, no sign that a video was there at all. Any idea what I did wrong. FYI - this is an actionscript 2.0 file if it makes a difference.

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          DigitalArchitectCanada Level 3

          Try and use actionscript 3 if you can. Actionscript 2 was kind of like the baby years of Flash. It was pretty embarrassing, rolling all over the place puking on itself crying a lot but being able to explain why. Anyway that said, are you uploading the video to be in the same directory as the .swf file? Can you post your code for loading the video? If you're not loading it via code, then we're looking at a totally different problem. Let me know and thanks.

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            upstart1762 Level 1

            So you have to upload the vid file? I thought swf files were self-contained - no need to include support files.

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              DigitalArchitectCanada Level 3

              Depends on how you imported the video. You can import it so that it is embedded in the SWF but it seems like perhaps in this case you didn't import it this way and that's actually good. You want people to see the swf and see the player skin showing that the video is loading instead of them seeing nothing until the entire swf is loaded (which is what would happen if you had a big video embedded in your swf). Upload the video too (should be a converted .FLA file) and see if everything works out if not then attach your FLA file in a reply I'll have a look.

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                upstart1762 Level 1

                Figured out that I had to place the vid file in the same folder as the flash file, import it from there, and then upload the vid file with the swf file (so the swf file would know where to look for it).


                Thanks for your help. I think I have a better grip on this now.