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    How do you remove dead space at the end?

    booch_21 Level 1

      Ever since I started using Audition for Mac, after switching from Audition 3.0 for Windows, I've noticed that at the end of my sessions, there is usually an extra several minutes added to the end that I cannot remove.  When I make the mixdown, that extra dead space remains and is counted as time for the length of the file.  Basically, if I have a 30 minute podcast, the file size views it as 35 minutes.


      Anyone else finding this or is it only me?  Thanks!

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          I have the same problem. It's very annoying.

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            Agree with the issue. Obviously the quick answer is to just trim the dead space after the mixdown but agree it would be better to not have to deal with it like the previous Windows version.

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              _colin_ Adobe Employee

              Regarding session time length vs. mixdown time length. The "mixdown entire session" does NOT create the extra "dead" space at the end so there should be nothing to trim. It will end at the last clip of the timeline.


              I just ran a test case of this to verify...


              My steps were,

              1. I created an empty session (by default it starts with 00:30 sec of duration).
              2. I then threw a 4min stereo file in to track 1, which then increased the session length to 4min exactly.
              3. By grabbing the clip in the track, I shuffled it over to the right, which by doing this increases the duration of the session because you're essentially "asking" for more time to place the file in time.
              4. I then move it back to the start of the timeline and leave it there.
              5. My session is now 06:00min long and contains a single 04:00min clip, which starts at 00:00.
              6. I then do a mixdown of entire session to new file (which is how I'd produce a podcast for upload or any other "mix" I was doing).
              7. This mixdown creates an exact 04:00min audio file.
              8. The session file still thinks it's 06:00min in length.


              This may not be what you're experiencing, so please let me know if it's not or if there's a different impact.


              Given my past experience as a user with several different audio NLE systems, this varies from software to software as to how timelines behave. We are treating it like "workspace" and the content defines the actual length of program not the workspace itself, this is consistent with other editors out there.


              That said, I do understand your point though on wanting a "neat" timeline for the sake of cleanliness and we may consider a way to easily tighten it up down the road in a future version (we won't have time in this one). However, I do want to understand what the impact is of having this extra space. Is this actually creating a problem down stream for you (if so, what's happening specifically)? or is it simply an annoyance (which often is a good enough reason to change something :-)?


              Thanks for the feedback,



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                booch_21 Level 1

                Thank you for the response.  With all due respect, the mixdown files that I create DO add the dead space from the session.  I am creating a mixdown from multitrack sessions.  I am doing File > Export > Multitrack Mixdown > Entire Session.


                I start with an empty file as well.  I place my main audio file into Track 1.  I place intro and outro music into Track 2.  Track 3 is introductory or closing narration.  I then make the mixdown into Track 4.  Here are file time lengths:


                Raw Wave audio, 30:22.000

                Intro Music 1, 1:02.641

                Intro Sound Effects 1, 0:26.713

                Outro Music, 0:09.012

                Intro Narration, 1:08.040

                Session length, 38:29.716

                Mixdown length, 38:29.716


                This is the time length reported on the MP3 as well.  Viewing file information reports 38:30 for time, when in actuality, I have stopped the mixdown track at 31:44.345.  Why is there another nearly 7 minutes of dead air added to the mixdown?  When the MP3 is played, the podcast ends and the file keeps on playing for the full 38:30, with no sound, nothing.


                From my end, it is an annoyance as the file is providing an incorrect reflection of the actual length of the audio.  If you drag the right end of the mixdown file over in the multitrack workspace, it does not trim the file length.  If you go into the Waveform editor, and delete the end section of dead space, then yes, it cuts the file down.  I did an experiment and highlighted all session tracks in my file by time and made a multitrack mixdown by exporting by > Time Selection.  That worked, creating a mixdown file of the correct length, but involves a couple of more steps than what we were all doing in Audition 3 for Windows. 


                As for your steps, I created a new session and brought in the wav file from above of 30:22.000 in length.  The session propped up to 33:24.200.  I created a mixdown by right clicking on the wav file in the timeline, selecting Mixdown Session to new file > Entire Session.  I got a mixdown file of length 33:24.200.  I trimmed the end of the MP3 mixdown in the Waveform editor by highlighting and deleting the end section that was added.  It trimmed the file.


                My question is still, why does the dead space get added, which it does when I make the MP3's?  Only if I create the mixdown by selecting all tracks and by time does it leave the extra off.  It seems that the session should more accurately reflect the length of all files within the session that you are working with. 


                Thank you.

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                  GMartin58-n8ouO0 Level 1

                  Yes...I did just as Colin suggested...as I normally do and the session was 5:05 in length with only 3:30 of audio. Mixdown was also 5:05.

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                    _colin_ Adobe Employee

                    Well, I made a mistake and tested using a very recent development build and not the same beta build you're using (insert embarrassed grin here).


                    I went back and retested my own steps against the beta build and sure enough, it does as you guys described. After pawing through the bug database history, this indeed was a bug found in the beta release and has since been fixed (i.e. bounce to track and bounce to file do as you'd expect and create a file with a duration equal to the content not the session duration).


                    Sorry for the confusion, blame the egg nog...



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                      booch_21 Level 1

                      I'm tickled to know that it was found and appears to have been addressed.  I'm ok waiting for an updated build, but my intent was merely to pass my observation along.


                      Go have some more egg nog! 

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                        GMartin58-n8ouO0 Level 1

                        Egg Nog...gets the blame every time...thanks Colin.