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    color grading workflow for full featured film ...


      dear friends ...


      i'm about to edit a full feature film on premiere CS5 ... will color grade with colorista 2 and other tools (maybe AE) ... and the final movie will go to lab to print the film on 35mm film stock ... when i talked with the lab they told me to take care of the LUT ... i do not know how work with the same LUT in premiere CS5 and i do not know how i can be sure that the film will look the same from premiere CS5 to the film stock ... any ideas how i can achieve this?


      The main problem with this and every other electronic color corrector is that while making a nice image on the electronic screen it is not what you will see on the film screen. The problem is there is no consideration for the density v. exposure, nonlinear response of the display device, and most important no simulation of the undesired dye cross coupling in the positive print film.


      thanks for co-operation.