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    Flash website loading slow

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      I hope someone can help me on this, – I really need an articulate answer on this please since it’s important to me before I continue building my website.


      I am building a website entirely out of flash. I know that’s not a great idea, but it is not the biggest website in the world, however it does contain seven or eight .swf’s that take some time to load.


      When I test the website via a cable connection (T1), the speed of opening the website is not bad, but on DSL it’s pretty slow.


      I don’t want to turn people away from my site – how can I make sure my flash site doesn’t load that slow? I’ve read somewhere that if you put all the .SWF’s into one master file it could make the site load faster.


      I’ve seen some flash websites that are big and their files load pretty quickly, even on my own DSL speed which is not the fastest in the world.


      I hope someone can help. I don’t have the website uploaded yet so I can’t give you a link. I test the website via Flash 8 – CTRL+ENTER – Simulate download.


      Thanks for your help.

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          Are you using the Flash 8 IDE or are you targeting Flash Player 8? What IDE version are you using?


          Basically what you've gotta do is just minimize large files inside your swf. Go to publish settings and turn on "generate size report." When you publish, it will pump out a list of all the items in your SWF and show the file size. One way to really cut down size is to right images in your library, go to properties. In the image properties, select the option to use custom image quality. Set this option to 80% or less this will cut down a lot of file size.


          Other than that, it's a matter of just looking at your size report and doing what you can to cut down the big resource munching components. If your project was in actionscript 3 targeting flash player 10, you could actually do runtime file decompression. That is you could compress your SWF files using the ZLIB or DEFLATE methods in flash and then uncompress and load the swfs at runtime. If you want to make your site in AS3 let me know and I'll create a video tutorial on how to do this.

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            Riff88 Level 1

            Thanks for the response, I am using Flash 8 Actionscript 2. Alas, I haven't got a clue what IDE means!


            My pictures are already cut down to 80%, I did my best with the size of the site, I'll see what I can do about cutting down some more.


            I have noticed something however - when my website loads, it loads relavitely slow (I have a preloader) BUT ONLY FOR THE FIRST TIME....when I log-off or turn my computer off and turn it back on and go back into my site the files appear quickly...


            Is that because my server can now quickly find the path to my site or why is that?

            Would this happen on all computers?


            Perhaps I can put something up on my site explaining to visitors that the slow loading is most likely to occur only once? What do you reckon?


            Thank you!