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    Sony PRS-950 Adobe eBook DRM problem


      Borrowed book from library, Adobe eBook. The 950 won't let me read it, says it is DRM'd. But Adobe Digital Editions says it is authorized, 'cause the Reader is listed as a Bookshelf, and I was able to transfer a book to it from the computer using ADE. Computer has been authorized with Adobe ID. (Not absolutely sure if 950 has been, though.) Adobe DE software help says it will recognize when Reader is attached and ask if you want to authorize it (however ADE doesn't do thfis when I attach the 950 while ADE is running, and if you do so, you will then be able to see it as a Bookshelf in ADE. Since it automatically authorized my computer (via a stored Cookie, obviously) I am assuming that it also automatically authorized the (attached) 950. But the 950 apparently doesn't think so. There appears to be no place in ADE to verify that the Reader device has been DRM authorized, except that this may perhaps (simply) be indicated by it being listed as a Bookshelf in ADE.  As it stands, I can read the library book in ADE but not on the Reader, even though I can transfer the book to the Reader in ADE.