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    Timeline in PrE9 does not work properly

    Koscieliska Level 1

      As correctly pointed by Steve I made a bit of mess with my earlier request for help by putting it in several separate posts. Here it is again in one place and with all required earlier technical details.I switched from PrE8 to PrE9, but have two problems with PrE9:


      1. No matter how much I zoom a clip in timeline, some clips instead of showing image (or single frames at maximum zoom) are just solid blue.


      2. I can not upload projects to YouTube. When I go to Share/Online/YouTube - the 'Presets' button is inactive and I can not do anything.


      I uploaded again PrE8 and none of this problems occurs with this old version. It only occurs with PrE9.


      I have camera SONY HDR XR200 which records video in AVCHD format. I download the recorded material to PMB (SONY software) program in my laptop. Then I copy it to an external drive and from there download it into my 'big' computer at home for editing. I have been doing it all the time in the past without any problems.


      Technical details:

      Quick Time (32 bits) is updated

      Video card: ATI Radeon HDc 5800 series

      Driver: ATI 20/10/2010, version 8.791.0.0 (updated today again)


      Please help