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    cairngorm samples build problems

    BugsBn Level 1

      trying to build the insync modular extended app and am getting several errors starting with below:

      - seems like the actionscriptpro.. is all hardcoded with someone's Windows paths, etc.

      - can u clean up

      - also plz make these files Mac friendly (they have ^M, etc.)

      - quick resolution appreciated




      Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
      'C:/workspaces/opensource.adobe/cairngorm3/trunk/server/flex-frameworks/tomcat/webapps/c3' is not a valid location. The location is relative to undefined workspace path variable 'C:'.    insync-modularExtended-contacts        Unknown    Flex Problem

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          Alex Uhlmann Level 3

          I just fixed something in there. Please try again.

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            BugsBn Level 1

            hi alex,


            appreciate you being up so late (3AM?) and fixing and responding to this among other things:


            tried with the latest svn checkout now and it still has some issues - now the path is hardcoded for outputfolder in actionscriptproperties.

            outputFolderLocation="C:/workspaces/opensource.adobe/cairngorm3/trunk/server/flex-framewor ks/tomcat/webapps/c3"

            so am getting Flex error:

            Error creating output folder


            also after getting around with these issues, getting other errors - see:



            sorry to note that you are having to work so late at night.

            am concerned/disappointed AGAIN that adobe is not committing enough resources for this project.

            (they just reported stellar earnings today blowing past expectations - so financially possible

            why are they not doing it?)

            we have banked significant resources to Flex being successful - its starting to get frustrating.