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    Crash crash crash crash crash

    funkbomb Level 1


      Just writing to let you know that all your program does is crash. I try moving a clip on a timeline, it crashes. I try to export, it hangs, then crashes once I force quit. I bought a brand new Mac Pro, Cineform, and your product, nothing else, and I've been very generous with my patience, while all it's done is crash, hang, and burp error messages at me.


      AudioPrefetch.cpp-87 is all I see when I close my eyes at night. Adobe Premiere Pro has encountered a problem and must close. There was an error conforming the audio on this clip. Delete preferences. Delete Encoded Files folder. Delete delete. Don't want to delete your corrupted sequence? Don't worry, Premiere Pro will do it for you, and take your entire project with it.


      Awful, awful awful. I can't believe I spent good money on this pile.