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    [JS CS5] Best approach to sent content from doc1 to doc2 ?

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

      Hi Guys,


      Sometimes, even the simpliest tasks looks unfeasible !


      I want to send text content from a doc1 to a doc2. So let's say both document have a container with a same label "here".


      What is the best option to get contents from the labeled "here" textframe on doc1 to doc2 ? I tried copy/paste but as I do this operation in a loop, it's like app.select() is just helpless (throwing error while it works outside of a loop !). I tried textframe.texts.everyItem().duplicate() but I can't pass it doc2 targeted textframe as the destination.


      and of course using contents=contents is helpless as the operation discards any styles applied.


      So any hint will be helpful.


      TIA Loic