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    Find all instances in footage


      Is  there a way you can search for an instance of something in footage?  We  have footage of a photoshoot that I'm trying sync with the acutaly  stills.  I was hoping to figure out a quick way to place a marker on the  timeline for every strobe/flash.




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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          There's a script called "Magnum: the Edit Detector" (listed on this page) that will place a marker at every place where it detects an edit. The way that it works is that it looks for any abrupt change in the scene and places a marker there; it uses a frame-by-frame comparison to find these abrupt changes. I think that a flash might be enough to trigger the detection of such a change, if you have the sensitivity settings cranked way up. Even if Magnum doesn't work for you as-is, it gives an idea of the direction that you can go to do something similar---or even what script author you could contact.


          The expression method underlying Magnum's functionality is the sampleImage method.