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    Multi page PDF document

    swhinck Level 1

      Hello all


      I have a 20pg document in Word and wanted to have more design control over its layout before creating the PDF.

      I basically cut and pasted the text into Illustrator and exported page by page to pdf once I was happy with the layout.


      Problem is that now if I were to go in and add/remove text, I would then have to edit each and every page after and recreate the PDF.


      There has to be a better way that I am just not aware of?


      Would In Design be a better tool for this perhaps?



      Basically I would like to be able to have a multipage document that gives me much better layout control than Word does, but still allows that I can export as PNG, JPEG, or PDF.


      Any help/info appreciated!


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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign is certainly the thing to use, at least from the Adobe product range. Illustrator is not a text editor or page layout (DTP) tool.

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            ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I will second Dave on the InDesign comment.


            Also, if you have the same element on all pages, you would put that on your master page. Then if it needs to be changed, you only have to do it there and not throughout the document.

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              swhinck Level 1

              Ok I have to familiarize myself with it then.



              But once I bring in all of the text, if I were to change some of the contents, would inDesign behave like Word in the sense that the paragraphs would push over to the next page etc etc?

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                swhinck Level 1

                Well I guess Ill just give it a try and find out for myself.


                Other than Adobe products, is there something else you might recommend?

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                  Bill@VT Level 7

                  Are you saying that WORD does not give you the control you want in general, or is it that you have trouble getting the desired PDF from the WORD file. There is a major difference in these two aspects. If it is the control you want, then going to a layout program is the best route as has been suggested. However, if it has to do with the PDF not being the same as what you did in WORD, that is a different beast.


                  That should not be the case with WORD 2007 or 2010 since printer metrics are turned off by default. There may be other issues of getting a good quality PDF from these versions of WORD, but that is a different issue dealing with how WORD does things. However, with prior versions of WORD, the quality is usually good. The problem is that use of printer metrics is turned on by default. Thus you either need to turn that selection off (embedded way down in the options menu) or go to the print menu and select the Adobe PDF printer before proceeding with your editing. By attaching the printer, WORD will work with the printer metrics of the Adobe PDF printer.


                  If the former issue of layout is your concern, then ignore my comments. If that is not the issue, but the conversion from WORD to PDF is what is being messed up, then my other comments are appropriate. You may still want to switch to a layout program, but was not sure of your actual need.

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                    Does it function like WORD....Yes and No.


                    Unlike WORD you can't just type and have the text flow in columns and over pages BUT it can be done. You need to set up your columns and your text boxes and then you can link those text boxes so the text flows between them. This is actually a better scenario since you could split a 'page' into 2 columns by inserting 2 text boxes and have text box A reflow to text box A page 2 and not effect text box B. You could also write in a newspaper format and have an article continue on page 15 by linking the text box to a text box on that page.


                    I hope this helps.....Good luck!

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                      swhinck Level 1

                      Yes it was the layout I have trouble with. Maybe because I havent really used Office products since my days writing papers in college. So I am sure it has some nifty layout tools, but I cant acheive the layouts I would like personally.

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                        swhinck Level 1
                        This is actually a better scenario since you could split a 'page' into 2 columns by inserting 2 text boxes and have text box A reflow to text box A page 2 and not effect text box B.


                        That is exactly what kind of setup I am looking for.

                        So it sounds like inDesign is exactly the tool I need.


                        The document has a main body which goes from pag 2 to the end. But along the way there are diagrams and side notes and what not that will have their own lil life forms.

                        I would need a main column that goes from beginning to end and twists and bends around those sub topics, but retains its unity in the sense where when I add or remove content from the main column, it bleeds onto the following page(s).


                        Anyway, kinda hard to explain with words on a forum but it sounds like you knew exactly what I was looking for.


                        Thanks for the help!

                        Oh no, here comes more learning...