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    help with a syntax error

      i am scripting my movie to link up with an access database... ive googled and found a website- 15 seconds and ive downloaded the demo file to adapt to my movie... ive got the asp page done and now ive inserted the scripting within my movie... and im getting this syntax error... please help..i have no idea why im getting it--other than the item's i havent changed anything else...

      the particular script im getting an error below is this... strPosition = "Record " add String(CurrentRecord+1) add " of " add String(TotalRecords);
      fyi... the bench record is the last field to be filled in...

      strFirst = First;
      strLast = Last;
      strDOB = DOB;
      strHeight = Height;
      strWeight = Weight;
      strProExperience = ProExperience;
      strCollege = College;
      strAddress = Address;
      strCity = City;
      strZip = Zip;
      strPhone = Phone;
      strAge = Age;
      strEmail = Email;
      strPostn = Postn;
      strForty = Forty;
      strShuttle = Shuttle;
      strVertical = Vertical;
      strBench = Bench;
      strPosition = "Record " add String(CurrentRecord+1) add " of " add String(TotalRecords);
      CurrentRecord = 0;
      loadVariables ("22sports.asp?Record=0", this);

      ( this is how i have my timeline setup... i have an action's layer with my " stop " action... then a seperate layer for my form... the form is within a moviel clip ( the script above has been placed on the form ) i hope this make's sense...

      what is so weird is i have tested the demo file and i get no error...

      please help...