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    play frames before load movie??




      Im trying to create a motion where as when you select a object from the home page all the objects slide out and off screen before the new content loads.


      Ive got it set up so that it all loads into a swfLOADER. Is their a way that i can make it gotoAndPlay an out phrase before loading in the next content on the swfLOADER. I dont even know if what im trying to do is possible?


      Have not sucseeded so far as it just wipes the page before playing the out phase. Is their any way that i can make this work??


      currently got it saying on release gotoAndPlay "out" and then on the next line loadMovie "about"


      any ideas??


      Thanks in advance

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's not clear to me what you are doing, but if you want to delay loading until after some activity has occured, then you should use the end of that activity to call the loading function.

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            janineabc Level 1

            Yeah sorry just re-read that doesnt make complete sense. My appologies.


            Yeah im trying to delay the loading of the next page untill after it has played a part of the timeline from the past page. If that makes any more sence? Probley not.


            should use the end of that activity to call the loading function.



            So you mean put the load event on the end of the play selected timeline? Im following will give it a try tomorow, thankyou very much, will let you know how it goes.



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              janineabc Level 1

              hey sorry for the late reply on this, ive only just got round to putting into place.


              Im strugling to get this aspect to work.


              I think my script may be wrong that im putting in the timeline (not very used to putting script on the time line)


              Any chance some help could be given as to what script to put on-


              The 1st frame so that when you click on a movieclip button it tells it to go to and play ("out")


              and secondly the script that i put at the end of the out section to tell it to play a certain movie into the SWFloader depending on which movie clip has been selected.


              Thanks in advance


              Been driving me barmy i either get errors or i dont get errors but it doesent work.

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                I couldn't be really about how you are doing this, but I take a similar aproach and it works always. The only think you should do and I'm not sure you are is setting a content control variable.


                A good practice for this case i making the loader at end of out using a variable at another level to control content. Setting the var in a level commom to buttons and loader gets the things simpler =d.


                Then you just load using the var:


                myLoader.loadClip ( _parent.conteudo+".swf", "target");


                or, if you are using loadMovie:


                loadMovie.myLoader ( _parent.conteudo+".swf");


                and in the buttons you just set onrelease .... _parent.conteudo = 'home', or whatever =)


                Assuming also you'll use as many parents as you'll need ^^.