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    Manually Editing Favourites and Batch Processing options.


      Hello everybody,


      Firstly may I say what a pleasure it is to be using Cool Edit Pro on my Mac :-) There has been a vacuum in decent audio editors for Mac and it’s great to see what was the best audio editor by far now on this platform. My initial experience of this Beta has been one of stability - seems very good indeed as far as the features I have used go - I am batch processing hundreds of files and manually removing artefacts.


      As you can probably tell, I have bypassed all the Adobe Edition releases until this Beta and am wondering how to do a few things that were possible in CEP.


      Principally, I used to be able to edit the presets for Favourites in a text editor and to manually script the Favourites for Batch Processing - where are the settings files stored so that I can manually edit them? Is this even possible with this version?


      Hopefully someone can answer my question...


      I am really enjoying using this, by the way… Whoever it was that came up with the ability to have the waveform view and Spectral view simultaneously on screen has realised something that every other developer has missed until now. Genius...





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          JeremyPaulCarroll Level 1

          … The other thing I was wondering how to do was to automatically trim silence from the top and tail of a file...





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            _durin_ Adobe Employee

            Hi Jem,


            Thanks for the feedback and excuse the delay in responding - most of us on the Audition team are just getting back from the holiday break.


            The Favorites are stored in an XML file located at ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Audition/4.0/Favorites.xml


            However, the data in this file isn't really stored in a user-modifiable format at this time.  Scripting has not been implemented as it was in Cool Edit Pro or Auditions prior, but is planned for a richer implementation in the future.  Whether this mirrors the proprietary scripting system from before or a more open language such as Adobe Extendscript has not been decided at this time.


            As for your second question regarding deleting silence, If you open the Diagnostics panel and choose the "Delete Silence" effect, you can automatically remove silence from a file or selection.  Click the Settings button here if you wish to fine-tune the criteria Audition uses to decide what is silence.