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    zenshou Level 1

      Still a lot to learn...


      I've been learning how to make buttons.  Basic stuff.  I've learned how to create them in their various stages - up, over, down, down and over - and they have worked, but I'm trying to make them act like drop-down menus and not having any success.  Am I doing this wrong?  In explanation: I started with a single button in the up state, set-up the over state, in the down state I changed the colors again but added new buttons below, but when working in the down-over state they all stayed the same color.  I've tried to mess with this, but getting nowhere fast.


      I've been looking at videos at Lynda's and not seeing much in Fireworks.  I see various forms of drop-down menus in Dreamweaver, but they are not what I am trying to build.  Also, I looked through discussions here on Drop-down menus, but they aren't as basic in content.


      Thanks in advance