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    Quiz nav breaks when back-to-back mc questions are added


      Hi all, I'm working on a quiz based on Adobe's template.  It has given me a great platform to work from but I need help with a few more things.


      1) The quiz has a total of 48 multiple choice questions, all with 4 answers each.  The quiz is fine when I add one MC question, but when I add another right next to it, the nav and scoring break.  I don't know why this is, and can't see any reason for it in the code.  Maybe there is something I missed?  Would it be simplest to add a "new" class for MC questions so that Flash gets tricked into thinking it's alternating question types?


      2) I need to add lots of text to the feedback portion, and potentially pictures for some of the answers.  Is there a way to do this?  I tried using the Render Text as HTML button on the feedback field but that didn't seem to do anything special.


      Any help at this point is greatly appreciated.  I'm really at a loss here.   Thanks guys!