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    Rollover behaviours fail after export - Creating interactive GIF

    simon bartlett

      Hi all,


      I'm creating an interactive map of the uk divided into upwards of 140 areas. Each area will be a polygonal slice and has four possible swap image states plus nav bar comments. I've been using Fw to start to build this project and all was well until I exported the file to test and inserted it into Dw. I've trawled the posts and seen that this is quite a common problem.However I can't seem to find a solution.


      I've exported the file(s) - HTML and images from Fw to a folder within my sites' root folder and then imported into the site using the Dw insert Fw HTML function. The odd thing is that the map displays correctly in the page and that the mouseover pop up menu behaviours work as required, but the mouseover/rollover behaviours aren't functioning. (These work fine when previewing the HTM file directly with a browser).


      If this is not susceptible to solution perhaps there may be some helpful suggestions as to a diferent way to skin this particular cat.


      Many thanks,