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    Animated writing

      I don't know SQUAT about Actionscript but figure you folks will 1.) have an answer, 2.) point me in the right direction, or 3.) blow me out of this forum for being an idiot.

      I'd like to use a chalkboard image of my choice as a background and use Flash to randomly select a line of text from a txt input file and "write" it (i.e., animated) onto the blackboard surface using a specific TrueType font (e.g., the freebie "Chalkboard" or "Eraser" TTFs).

      Thanks for any and all suggestions. I won't be offended if you pick option 3, above.
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          cicnats Level 1
          you mean animated as in actual strokes being drawn or letter by letter?

          if you mean strokes.. you can try to spend a weekend creating movie clips for each letter, that contain the animation for the drawing of that letter.. (which you can do with masks for example).. . there's not that many, only about 60-70 of them, depending on what you need.. ;)

          then you make a function, that takes the text string and attaches the movie clip for the first letter, and gives it an onEnterFrame event for example, that checks the current frame for that movie clip and waits until the clip gets to the final frame (because different letters take longer to write than others, like I and E) and stops it there, then attaches the movie clip for the next letter and so on and on, until the last letter.

          That's one way (I'm sure there are others), but it does require a bit more coding. And it's not that simple if you don't know actionscript.. To make it just add entire letters is much simpler, but it doesn't look as good ;)