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    Premiere cs5 little problem with mpeg2



      i'm upgrade to cs5 and i try to import and export some tape sd dv, but i found a little issue


      i've  premiere cs 5.0.3 , nvidia 470, i7, win 7, matrox rtx2, 12gbram


      the tape is  sd 4:3  and another sd 16:9 and the same happen with 4:3 and 16:9

      i try to open a sequence matrox pal dv so it use fisrt lower field and i import  a short clip , it's all ok, but when i export an mpeg2 or an mpeg2 dvd and set first a lower field i obtain a mpeg video that it's little flikering, i mean  if i play it in windows media player or if i import it in a premiere sequence pal dv (so with first lower field) and i playback i see little flickering in an external monitor, that don't happen if i play it with power dvd or vlc player


      i try to change the export field into upper but oviously the playback it's worst, that's compleatly flickering

      the same seems happens in a native premiere sequence

      another question is:
      when i create a matrox sd pal sequence (so with first upper field) and i import a sd tape premiere see it as a lower field, is it right?