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    Can't run mxml file, meaning of green arrow & blue dot?


      I keep having a situation with Flash Burrito where I lose the ability to run an mxml app file.  What I see is the little green triangles put on the file icon disappearing, and then I can also no longer run the file. 


      Please Note: I'm working through some example code, where that code lists about 6 - 7 different app-level mxml files inside the default package.


      Please Also Note: one of the mxml files listed has a blue-dot over its file icon; however, I can't remember running it in the debug mode, and it doesn't show up as a file that has been run in the past in the debug mode launch area (as shown in the Debug Perspective).


      Can anyone shed any light on this issue, and/or what the green arrow and blue dot mean on top of the mxml file icons?