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    Strange color shifts and changes during fast motion??

    designer_xyz Level 1

      Hello and thanks for your time,


      I have a series of frames rendered from Mental Ray from 3DS max V8.


      From AE CS3, I can export as a QT or AVI but I get this saturated colour shifting, irradecence, shimmer artefact during fast camera motions; such as a zoom in's for example. The artifact seems to be more concentrated around the edges of the frame, than where the camera target is in the center of the frame


      I can't seem to shake this off. I have rendered in QT:max quality, lossless. I have tried Sorenson3, MPEG4, and H264. I have even tried rendering individual TIFFS frames and import them in to Premiere and the same artifact occurs.


      When I preview the animation in the viewport(s), it looks fine. When I preview the TIFFs and play them back individually, it looks fine....but only after export from AE and Premiere is where the artefact occur.


      any ideas what is occuring and how to eliminate it? Let me know if you need some stills to show this...