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    Issue with replaying audio file at current position after pausing




      I am using Flex 4, ActionScript 3. In the AbstractPlayer.as class, the pauseTrack() method is as follows:


         mIsPause = true;
         mPausePosition = channel.position;


      I implemented the playTrack() method in Player.as, which has the following code right at the beginning:


         if (mIsPause)


      However, when I press the Play button after pausing, the audio file is played starting at the beginning. When I stepped through the debugger, the mPausePosition value is still present when playTrack() is called, but the mIsPause flag has been changed to false. I checked through my code and verified that the mIsPause flag is not reset before the check in playTrack().


      Does anybody have a fix / workaround for this issue?


      Thank you,