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    Questions concerning Merged WebHelp




      The project I am trying to split up has numerous images both in the topics and linked. I would like to create a project that just holds the image files and link to it after the merge. The question is can this be done in a merged project? If so, using Peter Grainge's merged project method, where does the project of images belong in the set up tree?


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      For the moderators,

      I have had some trouble getting this post done today and in the correct place. The orignal duplication was not intentional. After getting the email saying that the second post would be removed and knowing that I attempted to delete the first one myself, I did a search of the forum and could not find the post. So this will be a repost. If the original one exists some place that I am not seeing, please leave one of the webhelp posts up as I would like to have this question answered.


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Images used in a topic have to be in the same project as the topic unless you want a lot of hand coding and accept the risk of error.


          I've not tried this so download my demo and try this idea with that.


          The project with the images would have to have every image as a baggage file.


          In a child project, insert an image that is in the project. That is just to get the code. Now go to HTML view and amend the path to the image that is in the image child.


          Generate all the projects and see if that works.


          Personally, I think that even if does work, it sounds like a lot of manual coding. Are you sure it is worth the effort?


          If you do try it, let us know the result.


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            Stevig13 Level 1

            Thanks for the info. Part of our goal in doing the merged project is to cut down on the load time when topics need to be updated. I believe the bulk of that problem is the amount of image files. I have been pulled to another project; and will definitely post back after I have had a chance to put your suggestion to the test. One last question, do you think this new image project be at the level of the parent or would it be one of the children, just not included in the parent TOC? I want to get the structure right.




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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              It doesn't matter where it is but probably easier to work out the links if it is another child. Somehow having the images further away does not sound like something that will improve load speed, indeed it sounds like it would add to the time.


              Do check it all very thoroughly including what happens if you replace an image.


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