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    Digital Edition does not recognise Sony PRS 650


      I've just purchased a Sony PRS 650.  I've installed  Digital Edition, authorised the computer and purchased some books which are showing on the laptop.  However I am unable to transfer them to my reader as Editions does not see the reader. When connected to the laptop the reader is seen by windows as multiple drives and  I can copy other documents directly onto the Reader from Windows Explorer. Using ver of Digital Editions.


      Any ideas gratefully received.

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          I have just been through this setting up in advance the PRS-650 which is a Christmas present for my wife.


          I have borrowed 3 books on her library account which I have in ADE, and I connected the e-reader.  No joy as you have discovered.


          What you need to do is download and install Sony Ebook Library.  Do not accept it as the default for acsm and epub files if you intend to use ADE to open those.  Ebook Library will "see" your reader.  You should  be able to sync the sample documents in the Ebook Library to the reader if you want, which should give you some confidence that the reader actually works!


          You should already have authorised your computer for ADE.  I think you will have to have an Adobe account to authorise more than one device, so hopefully you've done this already.  Now when you open ADE  it should see the reader and ask you if you want to authorise it, which you obviously will.  When you have done this you will have the reader in the libraries list on the left.  Select your ADE library and library view.  Now drag the books to the reader.  Good luck - it worked for me.