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    Arcrobat X "out of memory" error message

    JLP Jr. Level 1

      I'm running Acrobat Pro X on an XP Pro machine with 4 GB of RAM. I receive the error message "out of memory" when attempting to open large .pdf files  This error message does not appear in Adobe Reader 9, and never appeared in Arcrobat Pro 9 (now, sadly, uninstalled). Any advice?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have Reader 9 installed with Acrobat X? This is an unsupported combination. However Reader X and Acrobat X are a supported configuration. If/When you uninstall Reader 9 you will need to re-install Acrobat X.

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            Bill@VT Level 7

            There may also be an issue with a full TEMP folder. Try emptying the TEMP folder and see if that helps.

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              lonetree40 Level 1

              While I do not have as much RAM I have had

              similar concerns with my system.  I am not a heavy user but when I need the system I need it then not later.

              If anyone has a fix please  let us know.

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                Bill@VT Level 7

                Have you tried emptying the TEMP folder as I suggested. Windows uses this as virtual memory.

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                  lonetree40 Level 1

                  Thanks I will try that.

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                    jmc2500@comcast.net Level 1

                    I am experiencing the same issue, have empied my temporary files, and do not have Reader 9 installed. In fact, I was told no

                    to install Reader as a separate application because Acrobat X contains Reader...This from Adobe phone help directly. Are there any other ideas? The file that is hanging up form me is an image sent to me in a 487 KB PDF. It opens in Google, and saves to Google Docs, so I'm baffled about why it will not open on the Win 7 machine I actually want it on.

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                      JLP Jr. Level 1

                      The problem went away when I got a new computer with Windows 7 64-bit. Or it

                      may have been the automatic updates that Adobe sent.


                      Sorry I can't help!

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                        famswolfe Level 1

                        I'm seeing this on a Win7 machine, 64-bit Professional.  No previous install of Acrobat or Reader.  I've emptied the TEMP folder and the error keeps occurring.  I've also run CCleaner, uninstalled Reader and reinstalled Reader -- same thing happens.  Could it be a version thing?  Many PDFs open fine, only one (so far) gives me this error.    FYI - I can easily open it using Preview.app as well as Adobe Reader X on a Mac.  Totally bewildered.

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                          Wayt Level 1

                          I'm also seeing this error in Acrobat X Pro running on Win 7 64-bit in a new i7 system with 4GB RAM installed. In my case it occurs when

                          I try to save an 18MB PDF (which contains text only, no images) to any text format (Word, RTF, or plain text). I used Resource Monitor to keep an eye on Acrobat.exe's memory allocation as it processed the conversion, and over the course of about 15 minutes it steadily rose from about 200MB to more than 3.9GB before failing (when it reached the limit of physical memory in the system).


                          Looks like there is a memory leak in this part of the code. And this all occurred during the "Preprocessing file for export" part of the task, which is lame because I changed the conversion settings to exclude images, tags, bookmarks, etc. So minimal preprocessing should be required.


                          If any Adobe engineer is reading this (a vain hope, I suspect), I'd be happy to send you the problematic PDF so you can replicate the issue and track down the bug.

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                            Wayt Level 1

                            I thought perhaps I could work around Acrobat X's inability to convert my PDF to any text format by splitting it into parts. The PDF file isn't big (18MB) but it does contain a lot of pages (>11,000). So I used the Extract tool to pull out the first 5,000 pages to save separately. But an apparently different memory allocation bug in the software prevents from doing this. <sigh, glower at Adobe QC team>


                            What happens is that Acrobat creates the new window for the extracted pages, then immediately barfs with an "Out of memory" error. This time, however, clicking OK on the error dialog causes Acrobat to display the same error again..and again..and again..ad infinitum. So we seem to have sloppy memory handling nested within an infinite loop--and no workaround for the conversion bug. Lovely.

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                              markoinbc77 Level 1

                              I was getting this same error occasionally when I would send scanned proofs to customers.  Again, ONLY on Acrobat X... all previous versions work without problem.  The other thing that confused me is that it wasn't every time, just some of the time.  So I did some detective work and determined the source of the problem, at least for me.


                              The problem in this case was that the orientation of the scan settings, didn't match the orientation of the scan.  WIth my machine, it will automatically rotate your scan to match your settings.  However, in EVERY CASE where they didn't match, Acrobat returned the "out of memory" error.  Changing only that one setting on my scan, everything worked perfect.


                              Don't know if that applies to everyone, but that was the cause of the problem for me anyhow!

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                                Jupiter View Level 1

                                I am also facing similar problem with Acrobat X.

                                I am getting the “Out of memory” error when I am trying to insert a PDF (scanned image, size: >0.5GB, 1000 pages) into another small PDF document. After reading the forum about “TEMP” folder, I have cleared it but the same result.

                                Still this is working with Acrobat 8 which is running in different machine.

                                I too agree that the file is huge in size but then why it is working with other version of Acrobat but not Acrobat X.


                                Please help.

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                                  markoinbc77 Level 1

                                  Did you try changing the orientation of your scans if you could?  Since you posted that you're dealing with trying to insert of scanned pages, my post regarding the orientation may apply!  You mention you have issues inserting the PDF, but can you even open either without getting the error?

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                                    david@klausner.com Level 1

                                    The "out of memory" error is caused by the depth of pages you specify on the "Create Pdf from Web Page" window.  The lower the "get only" levels value, the more likely you will avoid the "out-of-memory" failure.

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                                      JLP Jr. Level 1

                                      Maybe, but the "out of memory" error only occurs on my machines when I

                                      attempt to open scanned pdfs..

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