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    I am getting poor QT encoding in CS5

    Dave Knarr Level 1

      Here is what I am doing.  I have an HD 1920 x 1080 Quicktime Photo JPG animation video.  I am using Premiere CS5 to make a small demo video for the web.

      I am exporting > Movie to create the smaller resolution video.


      Here are the parameters I am exporting with:

      Quicktime h.264

      Quality 100

      352 x 192 video size

      Frame rate 29.97  Square Pixel

      24 bit color depth

      Maximum Render Quality

      Fixed bit rate of 1000


      I am on a dual core system, 4 gigs of ram, Premiere CS5 with NO GPU acceleration, encoding time takes 4 minutes.  The video looks bad.  Here is the sample video:



      Now here is the same video, on the same computer, using the same parameters as above, but being exported with Premiere Elements 7, encoding time less than 45 seconds.



      Premiere Elements produces a video with a much better quality.


      Now, on Premiere CS5 I have raised the bit rate up to 5000 and the quality finally comes up to the Premiere Elements 7 quality, but with a much larger file size.  Yes, before you ask, I have played around with all the setting variables (MRQ, 24 bit color depth, etc.) with no real improvement.


      Anyone have any clues on what is going on?