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    Jump to a page in the table of contents (read-only mode)


      This must be a common issue.  The pages in the table of contents are not numbered the same as on the toolbar. So, if you put that page number in the toolbar, you don't go the page referenced by the table of contents.  In some web searches, i found there is a view like "75 (83 of 110)" that is supposed to show up in the toolbar, where the first number is the actual page number according to the document, not according to the PDF.  But, I can't see how to enable that.  One reference shows a command "Number Pages" on the Document menu.  But, that command is not on my document menu, and I can't find a way to make such a command visible.  I do not have write permission to this document, but I do not desire to modify the document. Only to be able to jump to the correct table of contents page for VIEWING the document.  Can anybody clarify for me [precisely] how to do this in the FREE version?  Thank you!